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Tv & FIlm

  • Walk Tall have produced a series of Short Educational Films & Documentaries. Our films have been made to have social impact just like our theatre. Included in our collection is an award winning youth short called VR (Virtual Reality)
  • VR Virtual Reality

    VR Virtual Reality

    A dystopian world where virtual reality is used to help humanity understand the wrongs they have done to others. Life is repeated until you learn how to behave towards others with respect or you are punished in real life.

    Written & Directed by Walk Tall Film Academy

    Won the award for Best Youth Short First Light & Media Box

  • Airbrushed


    The Story of a young girl obsessed by fashion magazines struggling with home life and life at school. She lives in a fantasy world to hide her pain and escape from a reality which is too difficult to deal with. A coming of age tale of peer pressure and family expectation.

    Written & Directed by Robbie Humphries

    Locked Within me

    Locked Within me

    A frank and bleak look at the life of a young person suffering from depression. Put together by students on the E2E media pathway from their real life experiences.

    Directed by Dave Turner

    What? Where?

    What? Where?

    A film inspired by a rare short play “What? Where”? By avant-garde novelist, playwright, theatre director and poet Samuel Beckett. This short film looks at the destructive nature of human kind; war, terror and persecution.

    Directed by Danielle Swaffield

    The History of Swanscombe

    The History of Swanscombe

    A short documentary film collecting extensive research of the history of Swanscombe from Neolithic man to modern times. Tracing the growth of the population, through the Roman settlers and development of the Cement Industry.

  • There are currently no TV & Film acting classes.

    Robbie Humphries the tutor for TV & Film acting is a former actor who uses the Meisner Technique to help actors understand and use the craft of an actor.


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