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  • KEY STAGE 5 STUDY PROGRAMME for 16 – 18 Year Olds

    This is a flexible and unusual programme of learning! English and/or Maths improvement is central to study and other subject choices provide profound self development which is designed to equip the learner with strong transferable skills.

    The programme is tailored to suit each learner. Learners are NOT required to take every subject and not all subjects chosen need to result in a qualification, provided that learners achieve in their core aim subject.

    All learners are required to do a work experience placement. The number of hours of placement will depend on course options chosen. The minimum requirement is 24 hours.

    Course Options:

    1. English and/or maths GCSE and/or Functional Skills (Learners are required to take English and/or maths if they do not currently have Level 4 or higher at GCSE.)
    2. Employability Skills (Level 1 Award or Level 1 Certificate or Level 2 Award)
    3. Personal Money Management (Level 1 Award)
    4. Counselling Skills (Level 2 Award: Personal development, listening, communication and relating skills - relevant for personal and workplace situations.)
    5. Biology GCSE (Foundation Level)
    • 1 GCSE - Functional Skills

      Learners who have not achieved at GCSE Level 3 will take a functional skills pathway. Those who have achieved at Level 3 will take a GCSE pathway. Those who have achieved a Level 4 or above are not required to take English/Maths but may do so if they want to improve their grade.

      GCSE English Language/Functional Skills

      Learners will draw upon a range of material/texts as reading stimulus and engage with creative, as well as real and relevant contexts. The study aims to give opportunities to develop foundation or higher-order reading and critical thinking skills that encourage genuine enquiry into different topics and themes.

      How it is assessed?
      GCSEs are assessed via two written examinations, each accounting for 50% of the mark. Spoken language is assesses via work set and marked by the teacher throughout the course. Functional Skills are assessed online.

      GCSE Mathematics/Functional Skills

      Studying mathematics will develop key skills such as essential numeracy, problem-solving, logical thinking and communication among others, which will give preparation needed for either further study or employment.

      Study may include following topics, number, algebra, ratio, proportions & rates of change, geometry, probability and statistics (combined)

      How it is assessed?
      GCSE is assessed via three examination papers at the end of theyear. Functional Skills are assessed online.

    • 2 Employability Skills

      Level 1 Award in Employability Skills

      Learners will study the following units:
      • Preparation for Work
      • Interview Skills
      • Maintaining Work Standards

      How it is assessed
      • Internal assessment of a portfolio of evidence, internal and external moderation

    • Overview

      This qualification teaches learners how to make informed money management choices by exploring the financial responsibilities of living independently, budgeting, personal banking, and borrowing.

      Course/Qualification content

      Learners will complete this qualification with a concrete understanding of the following:

      • Personal money management, including
        • how to identify costs associated with living,
        • different sources of income,
        • deductions from payslips,
        • and different forms of borrowing.

      How it is assessed?

      Internal assessment via learner portfolio, with internal and external moderation.

    • Overview of the qualification

      The Level 2 Award in Counselling skills enhances and improves verbal and written communication skills. It starts a journey of personal growth and is the first step to progress onto appropriate further qualifications. This qualification prepares learners for any profession that involves working with people! It is an invaluable preparation for the workplace.

      Learners who complete this qualification will develop the following:

      • Personal development and be able to identify areas for future development. This includes developing an ability to reflect on themselves, their perspectives and interactions with others and an introduction to why people can react the way they do.
      • What core counselling skills are, and how they relate to communication. These include effective listening and verbal communication skills. How to establish supportive relationships and how to establish appropriate boundaries.
      • Experiential learning and self-awareness exercises.

      How it is assessed

      Internal assessment of a portfolio of evidence, internal and external moderation.

      Relevance in the workplace

      This course is invaluable in most other career pathways because it provides essential skills for positively interacting with other people and managing relationships. Customer service, teaching, care sector professions, beauty industry, administration, retail are just a small fraction of jobs where these skills are highly relevant. Successful completion of the course is also the first step along the counselling practitioner pathway.

    • Overview of the qualification Biology is the natural science that studies living organisms and their structure. Studying this course will develop scientific and analytical skills Course/Qualification content
      • Cell biology
      • Organisation
      • Infection and response
      • Bioenergetics
      • Homeostasis and response
      • Inheritance, variation and evolution
      • Ecology
      • Key ideas

      Entry requirements

      There are no previous learning requirements.

      How it is assessed

      Assessment is via examination (two papers) at the end of the year.



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