Covid-19 situation - update         

ALL of our services are continuing remotely. Our support continues


Education & Training


At the moment, our education programme offers 4 of the 8 ‘bucket’ slots of attainment/progress 8 with:

  • English LanguageDepiction of subjects and which bucket they fall under in Progress 8
  • English Literature
  • Maths
  • Science: Biology

With a further 5th to be added in the future with NCFE’s Health and Fitness course, shortly.

Careers advice

Students are offered two separate careers talks with a careers advisor and have the opportunity to attend a careers day event. We help year 11 students choose their next step and, work with them to apply so they do not become NEET.

Extra Days

As the programme is set up to run for 3 days a week, we have teamed up with GCSEPod to ensure students have work to in the two days they are not with us, if they are not required to go back to school.


Schools will have the options for their Year 11 students to sit their exams with us, or at school, it is however the school will be responsible for entering students for examinations and putting into place any access arrangements that the student may require.

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