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Education & Training

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Walk Tall Education aims at providing education to young people between the ages of 13-16 (KS4) and 16-19(KS5) with core academic qualifications while also looking after and developing their emotional wellbeing.

Our programme is spit into two aspects, the first is the academic side, where students will have the opportunity to work towards core subjects needed for their futures, be that college, apprenticeship or setting up for work in the future.

The second half of our programmes aims at improving students mental health and wellbeing – subjects such as: art, teambuilding and a look at self, help build up soft skills which students don’t get an opportunity to develop as much in traditional schools. We believe building a students confidence, self-esteme and communication is paramount to improving wellbeing.

Our Programmes cater for students with mental health issues, who struggle to deal with large environments, not students with behavioural issues! We provide small class sizes and a welcoming, nurturing environment which students can thrive in



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