Ongoing Covid-19 Situation

Please note that due to the ongoing pandemic, our counselling services are still running.  We are currently supporting you online with Zoom and other online services, and telephone.


Counselling Placement

Would You Like to complete your Counselling Placement with Walk Tall?

Walk Tall provides students of Level 4 Therapeutic Diploma and above, the opportunity to take placement with us.

These are our guidelines for those wishing to apply:

  • It is important that you have sufficient group interaction hours on your course to enable your successful “beginning practice” to develop in a useful way. We require that a placement has already completed at least 140 hours training group contact time before commencing placement. At least 190 contact hours will have been completed by the end of year 1 (for a two year diploma course).
  • Once you take up a placement with us, we expect that you will be completing at least 380 group contact hours of training over the lifetime of your course.
  • We would also expect a minimum of 20 hours mandatory tutor supported, out of class activities/tutorials, by the end of your training.
  • In addition, any placement with us would not start until you have completed MindEd training for working with children and young people and completed two sessions of training as part of the induction process.
  • There will be a two step interview process, so you can apply before you have the requisite 140 hours and have an initial interview. There will be a follow up interview on completion of the two training sessions and the 140 hours contact time.

Our counselling service receives a large number of applications from traumatised clients facing extremely complex life issues. Our criteria for assessing potential placements who may be working with such clients, are therefore, extremely stringent and set at a high bar. This is in consideration of both client and counselling practitioner.

If you feel as though this is an opportunity which interests you, please download and return the application form from the following link and email it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post it to us(our address is available here).

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