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  • Murder Mysteries

    Bring drama to life with Walk Tall’s Murder Mysteries; submerge yourselves in a fully interactive adventure into the life of a detective and see if you and your group of savvy cohorts can find out “ohh diddit”. We’ll set the scene with a performance lasting for 45 minute to 1 hour which will include activities your team will have to complete in order to access certain clues. You’ll have a chance to discuss your clues over a well-earned dinner, and interview all the suspects afterwards! Will you accuse an innocent person and let a murderer roam free, or catch the dirty criminal?

    Walk Tall’s Murder Mysteries aim to bring you as close as possible to the magic of the theatre; with standard shows devised for anywhere between 40 – 100 people, and bespoke pieces created to your specifications. The Murder Mysteries collections are perfect for entertaining small groups or corporate events – don’t miss out on this unique and fun experience you’ll never forget.

    Murder Mysteries in Short:

    ✔ Interactive pieces of theatre (45 mins – 1 hour)

    ✔ Fun and entertaining experience

    ✔ Bespoke or pre-packaged

    ✔ Dinner and drinks

    ✔ Active participation encouraged

  • Bespoke Theatre

    We offer unique, bespoke pieces to suit any need - whether your looking for a short piece to open a particular even, celebrating a festive occasion, or need something to lighten the mood after a meeting. Look no further, give us the detail of what you require, and your wish will be our command!

  • Corporate Theatre and Entertainment

    Perfect for seasonal holidays or awards evenings, we offer a multitude of different performance pieces to match all of your corporate needs. You can either take one of our 'off the shelf' packages, or choose to have something tailored to your fit.

  • Corporate Training through the Arts

    Continued professional development and training is a must in any successful business, and we've found that simulating real life scenarios, but in a 'safe' environment, has a better success rate of training and development than simply talking at people. We will cater the training to your needs to ensure the best results, with our actors taking on the roles of different clients for your staff to get the most realistic experience possible.

  • Pantomimes

    Who doesn't like a Pantomime? Well it's something that we specialise in. With our successful pantomimes launching every year, you now have the opportunity to have a fun, entertaining pantomime for yourselves.

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All proceeds gained through Repertory company will go back into supporting Walk Tall Charity

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