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Courses for Professional Actors

  • Meisner 1 year part-time course

    For experienced actors, the one year (part-time) Meisner course offers you a chance to further develop and refine your technique by delivering ‘truth’ to your audience. Unlike Method acting, which focuses on building character from the inside, outwards, the Meisner approach encourages the actor to build character from the outside so that the actors foundation is built upon a honest ‘reaction’ to what is happening around them in the moment, as opposed to internal ‘reflection’ which may not offer the same freedom and truth on stage.

    • Tom Cruise
    • Diane Keaton
    • Steve McQueen
    • Alec Baldwin
    • Jeff Goldblum
    • Grace Kelly
    • Naomi Watts
    • Sandra Bullock
    • And many more…
    • A competitive audition & selection interview
    • 3 modules, over 3 terms, consisting of 12 weeks each
      • Module 1: Unlock your emotional depths
      • Module 2: Revel in spontaneity
      • Module 3: Unleash the power of you imagination
    • Individual and group tasks
    • Working off location
    • Final performance piece
  • Foundation acting course

    Whether you’re a professional, or looking to break into the performing arts industry, the one year part-time foundation acting course allows you to build, develop and refine key fundamental skills needed for a solid foundation to grow upon. The part-time foundation acting course on 3 core skills: voice, movement and improvisation.

    Foundation Acting Course Breakdown

    • A competitive audition & selection interview
    • 3 modules, over 3 terms, consisting of 12 weeks each
      • Module 1: Voice
      • Module 2: Movement
      • Module 3: Improvisation
    • Individual and group tasks
  • Short courses and Master classes

    As well as providing professional one year courses, Walk Tall also offers continuing professional development opportunities throughout the year, with a multitude of different master classes and short courses available for anybody who wishes to participate. These classes could be over anywhere between 1 – 6 days, depending on the subject. Master Class & Short Course Breakdown

    • No audition required
    • Costs vary depending on the session
    • Previous classes have included
      • The Meisner Technique: 6 day session
      • Commedia Dell’arte: 1 day session
      • Audition preparation: 1 day session
      • Acting for Screen & Television: 1 day session
    • Individual and group tasks
Part Timing Actors
Meisner Course Actors

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Accredited Learning

We offer you a chance to gain a qualification in an arts related course such as Performing Arts, Creative Media and more. All the qualifications we offer are widely recognised and can give you key skills, especially if you’re thinking about a future in the Performing Arts industry.

Transferrable Skills

Gaining employment is often contingent on various ‘core skills’ such as communication, relational skills and team work. Here at Walk Tall we provide a great basis for you to build those skills in a practical and fun way through the use of performing arts.

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