Educational Programmes

  • Study Programme

    No matter what your English and Maths starting level, our Study Programme allows students to work towards Level 2, GCSE, A-Level or Level 3 qualifications in:

    ✔ Maths

    ✔ English

    ✔ Creative Media

    ✔ Work Experience/Preparation

    Being specialists in Performing Arts and Creative Media, we also offer non-qualification activities to help you grow towards your goals.

    Families can still claim child benefits or tax credits; students may be eligible for means tested bursary.
  • KS4/Alternative Education Provisions

    We have been providing alternative educational programmes for 14 years, helping to provide exciting learning opportunities for young people who find it difficult to engage with mainstream education.

    The provision is for:

    ➢ Key Stage 4 students who are poor school attenders/school refusers.

    ➢ Young people who are typically vulnerable/anxious/depressed - This is not for those with challenging and aggressive behaviours.

    Summary of provision:
    The provision works to the academic year; the programme can be run over 2 or 3 days depending on need and can include:

    ➢ GCSE English Language

    ➢ GCSE English Literature

    ➢ GCSE Maths

    ➢ an arts subject: usually Creative Media or Performing Arts (GCSE)

    ➢ Personal Social Development - led by a trained counsellor

    ➢ the option of 1:1 counselling is supplied as an assessed need

    This programme's goal is accredited learning outcomes for every student; to develop personal confidence and aspirations; and ultimately, re-entry to mainstream education .
  • BIIAB L3 Award in Education and Training

    The L3 Award in Education and Training introduces candidates to the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career as an associate teacher. This Award will provide sufficient evidence that learners have acquired the necessary skills to prepare, plan, deliver and evaluate basic teaching and learning sessions.

    The Requirements:

    ➢ There are no minimum teaching requirements, this course can be undertaken by non-teachers.

    ➢ Learners will be required to participate in a 15 minute micro-teaching session as part of the course.

    ➢ Attendance of an introductory session.

    ➢ A L3 qualification in the subject area the learner wishes to pursue.

    this programme does not qualify to teach in maintained schools.
  • BIIAB L4 Certificate in Education and Training

    The L4 Certificate enables learners to be officially qualified as Associate Teachers. Associate Teachers work with pre-designed curricula to teach a particular subject or learner type - the ATLS status this course provides is the learners licence to teach.

    The Requirements:

    ➢ Completion of the: L3 Education and Training course; PTLLS; or RPL

    ➢ 3 separate hours of observations throughout the course

    ➢ Attendance of an introductory session

    this programme does not qualify to teach in maintained schools

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